Looking for a Halesowen letting agent? As a landlord, it can be a long and tedious job if you do not know what you are looking for your new to the property market. Being a property owner has always come with its challenges. however, it doesn’t have to be, having professional and specialist advice from an experienced letting agent can help ease the stress and demands that a buy to let property can bring.

Estate and letting agents can help fill the knowledge gap and bring the experience to know the do’s and don’t when renting out your property. They ensure that you get the very best return on your property. But which Halesowen letting agent is suitable for you and your property? That is the million-dollar question, with many different letting agents in Halesowen to choose from it is important to know what are the crucial factors to look out for when choosing you Halesowen letting agent.

3 Factors to Consider When Choosing Letting Agents in Halesowen

Below listed are 3 of the most important factors to look out for when choosing the right letting agents in Halesowen for you and your property. These factors consist of the services that as a landlord are important to ensure your properties success and the help and advice a letting agent should provide you to guarantee you make the most out of your buy to let property.

Repairs and Maintenance

You want to make sure your property is left in good hands when handing the keys over to a letting agent in Halesowen. Our recommendation here is to ask how regular they inspect to property and what is included. Ask for their list of tradespeople and check out their google reviews to make sure your property is being cared for.

What Are the Letting Agents Service Level Options

The level of service you choose for your property the biggest steps for advertising and occupying your property. You want to ensure that you have a clear understanding of each service and that your letting agent provides each level of service. These services consist of:

Tenant find and rent collection: The letting agent only helps with finding a tenant for the property and monthly rent collection. Everything else is down to the landlord to be dealt with.

Fully managed service: Everything to do with letting this property is handled by the agents from start to finish. Perfect for first-time landlords and inexperienced property owners.

Paperwork and Legal Documentation

When choosing your letting agent, it is vital that you find someone that can handle the paperwork. When you decide to go with a letting agent the tough monotonous parts of being a landlord should be done for you. Make sure your letting agent deals with the stack of paperwork particularly the following:

  • New tenant references
  • Credit-checks
  • The tenancy agreement
  • Gas and Electrical safety certificates